Completing A Quilt

There is nothing better than completing a project. It doesn't matter what the project is... there is just so much satisfaction that comes from completing whatever it is! This quilt is made from precuts, which is essentially fabric that has already been cut to size for you! So, a huge step, is just like that,... Continue Reading →

Budget Quilt Progress

I have been working away on this budget quilt.  I repurposed all the fabric for the quilt blocks from men's button up dress shirts.  It is pretty amazing how much fabric you can get from breaking down clothing! I designed this quilt top around just two different block patterns.  Is anyone else in love with... Continue Reading →

Easy Budget Quilt Progress

I have been working away on this budget quilt using repurposed fabric from dress shirts! I am still questioning the orange and green blocks, but I am going to keep moving forward with it and decide when I finally finish sewing all of the blocks if I need to change the layout. Right now I... Continue Reading →

Easy Budget Quilt

Using repurposed men's dress shirts I really love repurposing items I already have. I hate waste and I love saving money. Right now is the perfect time to source fabric from items I already have since I can't go out and shop because of Coronavirus! We have actually been taking this time at home to... Continue Reading →

Quilting Sunday Funday

Currently... In our house...It's an interesting world right now.  I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected in some way by Covid19. I am actually a stay at home mom.  I homeschool my two kids, so we are pretty used to staying home... however, we do have a ton of activities outside of the home.... Continue Reading →

Always Quilting

Is it normal to always have quilt projects you are juggling? I swear my mind is always churning out quilt ideas and I just never have enough time to keep up! Rocking Block Quilt I designed a quilt pattern recently. So I am making sure the design I created on paper actually works! It will... Continue Reading →

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