Five Quilt Patterns for Beginner Quilters

When I first started quilting I always found it really hard to find quilt patterns that were for true beginners. So, here I compiled five quilt patterns that I feel are perfect for beginner quilters. A few of these patterns I actually still love to use because, well, honestly they are just a lot of... Continue Reading →

Easy Budget Quilt Progress

I have been working away on this budget quilt using repurposed fabric from dress shirts! I am still questioning the orange and green blocks, but I am going to keep moving forward with it and decide when I finally finish sewing all of the blocks if I need to change the layout. Right now I... Continue Reading →

Scrappy Quilt

Since we are all currently homebound for an undetermined amount of time, I decided to start tackling my quilt fabric scraps.  I personally only save scraps of fabric that are about an inch wide or more. I started cutting my fabric into 2" squares and 3.5" squares.  If I come across any fabric scraps smaller... Continue Reading →

Quick Quilted Tote Bag

Because of the immediate current events taking place in the world right now, I have had the opportunity to work on quite a few projects. ┬áSocial distancing allows you to commit to staying home a lot! ┬áThere are benefits apparently... Even though there are few.   So, I put together this tote in one day.... Continue Reading →

Part 2 – Layer Cake Quilt

Piecing Together the Top of Your Quilt Now that you have all of your blocks sewn together you will want to organize these blocks into rows so that you can see how they look. You will want to move them around, stand back, and take a look. Make adjustments as needed. This step may take... Continue Reading →

Part 1 – Layer Cake Quilt

If you have never made a quilt before then you came to the right place. This quilt is so easy to make. And, as a bonus it also comes together very quickly. If you can sew in a straight line on a sewing machine... then you can make this quilt with ease. You will be... Continue Reading →

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