Always Quilting

Is it normal to always have quilt projects you are juggling? I swear my mind is always churning out quilt ideas and I just never have enough time to keep up!

Rocking Block Quilt

I designed a quilt pattern recently. So I am making sure the design I created on paper actually works! It will be available here on my site if it does work out! It is almost done… so, I am pretty sure it is going to work out. Check out the fabric! It is seriously happy spring colors! I am pretty obsessed and I wish it were finished already!

Sneak peak of the Rocking Block Quilt

Pre Cut Buffalo Plaid Quilt

I have been in this phase of wanting to buffalo plaid everything. I made a buffalo plaid welcome sign for my front porch. I had buffalo plaid pumpkins in the fall… so why not a buffalo plaid quilt?

I went ahead and purchased 5″ precuts from the so this quilt should come together really quickly! It will just be a small accent throw for the end of my bed! I can’t wait to start piecing it together!

The Fun Quilt!

I cut these 3″ squares today. And I already have a plan for them. You will have to keep an eye out for it!

I really hope my vision for this quilt works out! It sure is a lot of colors and different patterns that will need to work together!

What do you think of these fun colors and designs!?

So… these are a few more of my current projects. To add to last weeks list!

Let me know what you are working on in the comments!

Bye for now.

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