Quilting Sunday Funday

Currently… In our house…

It’s an interesting world right now.  I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected in some way by Covid19.

I am actually a stay at home mom.  I homeschool my two kids, so we are pretty used to staying home… however, we do have a ton of activities outside of the home.  Typically I take my son bowling every Monday, and then every Tuesday he has a golf lesson.  My daughter usually has soccer practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening.  So, we are missing some of the activities we do have outside of the home!

My husband usually works outside of the home, but thankfully he is able to work from home right now since his office building is closed.

Instead of listing all of the things that are frustrating me during this pandemic I would rather focus on what I consider some good things!

A few things I am grateful for right now!

  1.  My husband is able to be home so much more! We go for a walk together every morning alone, and then after dinner every evening we go for a walk with the kids!
  2. We are able to eat dinner together! We have been catching up on some fun shows we can watch together as a family as we eat a family meal! Lego Masters is our current show!
  3. Since we have slowed down so much, I can work on so many projects I had piling up!

My Current Quilt Projects

I do try to shop local, as much as possible, and I have a favorite local quilt shop.  However, to follow our state requirements asking only essential businesses to remain open right now, they are temporarily closed.

My favorite online quilt shop is FatQuarterShop.com.  I recently placed an order from them because I needed some fabric to finish up some projects!

In a previous post I showed you some fabric I planned to use for a project!

S0141215So beautiful right!?

Well, I started working on this Buffalo Plaid inspired quilt and quickly realized I apparently can’t math!

So I needed to order some more fabric to complete it!

Has this ever happened to you before?  I can’t possibly be the only quilter out there who underestimates the amount of fabric I needed!

I hope I have enough fabric now!

I Purchased a jelly roll of fabric for a Bee Hive quilt I have planned using the Fat Quarters I received in my Annie’s Subscription box!  If you didn’t see that post you can find it HERE.

I absolutely love the honey bee fabric I received in the kit and it looks like the jelly roll I purchased will complement it beautifully!

I purchased the first set of solids to make a quick Buffalo Plaid quilt.  However, I just let them sit because I felt like the medium blue blended too much with the dark blue.  So, I grabbed some solid red for the medium color in the buffalo plaid quilt! I am so excited to get started on it now!

Purchasing fabric online is so hard!  You can’t hold the fabrics together to really see how they will work together!

And here is the fabric for patriotic quilt I will be working on! I purchased two packs of 2.5″ strips of fabric and the solid white jelly roll for this quilt.  Then I noticed that the medium blue Bella Solid that I wasn’t going to use for the buffalo plaid quilt can likely be used with this quilt!  I have a few pattern ideas for this quilt, but I am not completely settled on it yet!  So stay tuned!


And then finally, I am gathering old dress shirts to hack up for a quilt as well!  I am about halfway along on this shirt quilt so be sure to follow my blog to see the progress! I am really excited about this quilt!

Oh… who am I kidding! I am excited to work on all of them!

Bye for now.

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