Completing A Quilt

There is nothing better than completing a project. It doesn't matter what the project is... there is just so much satisfaction that comes from completing whatever it is! This quilt is made from precuts, which is essentially fabric that has already been cut to size for you! So, a huge step, is just like that,... Continue Reading →

Quick Quilted Tote Bag

Because of the immediate current events taking place in the world right now, I have had the opportunity to work on quite a few projects. ┬áSocial distancing allows you to commit to staying home a lot! ┬áThere are benefits apparently... Even though there are few.   So, I put together this tote in one day.... Continue Reading →

Always Quilting

Is it normal to always have quilt projects you are juggling? I swear my mind is always churning out quilt ideas and I just never have enough time to keep up! Rocking Block Quilt I designed a quilt pattern recently. So I am making sure the design I created on paper actually works! It will... Continue Reading →

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