Completing A Quilt

There is nothing better than completing a project. It doesn’t matter what the project is… there is just so much satisfaction that comes from completing whatever it is!

This quilt is made from precuts, which is essentially fabric that has already been cut to size for you! So, a huge step, is just like that, complete.

I would just like to say, you should never feel guilty for using precuts, machine sewing binding, or sending your quilt to a longarmer for quilting. However you want to create your quilt is entirely up to you!

I kept the quilt simple by using only three colors of precuts in a buffalo plaid pattern. Then I added a simple border to it.

Because I kept the quilt top piecing simple I decided to continue that theme and keep my quilting simple.

I used grey thread and quilted straight lines along both sides of all the seams of the buffalo plaid area of the quilt. Then, along the outer border of the quilt I quilted straight lines about half an inch apart. I really love how the quilting turned out!

The border corners I was particularly happy with! I love how the straight quilting lines come together in the corners to create tiny squares.

I am in no way a perfect quilter. I quite often state that I am an “ish” quilter. My stitches are straightish, my seams matchish, and my cuts are exactish. And, I am ok with that. I enjoy the process and I am ok with my quilts not being perfect.

So, with that being said, my goal with sharing this quilt is to show and quilters out there, or even beginning quilters, that your quilt doesn’t have to be perfect or complex to be beautiful!

Oh, and here is a peek at the backing fabric! It matches the binding!

Since this quilt is such a simple patchwork quilt I really felt like the backing fabric should be fun!

I am so happy with the finished product and I really hope my cousin enjoys it!

Bye for now.

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