Easy Budget Quilt Progress

I have been working away on this budget quilt using repurposed fabric from dress shirts!

I am still questioning the orange and green blocks, but I am going to keep moving forward with it and decide when I finally finish sewing all of the blocks if I need to change the layout.

Right now I just have piles and piles of my fabric pieces all over the table.  To the untrained eye it may be hard to see the method to my madness… but to me, it all makes sense and is very organized! I promise!


The trick for quickly piecing together the buffalo plaid blocks together is chain piecing them.

So, what I do is get my four stacks of dark rows lined up, and my three rows of light rows lined up.

Then, I sew the first two squares for each stack together in a chain.


You should have a chain of 7 squares sewn together when you complete this step.  This saves time because you aren’t raising you presser foot and cutting threads over and over.


So, here is the first chain of fabric!  Snip the threads and then you are ready to chain your next strip of fabric!  Your rows will come together so quickly!


After you add on all seven squares to each row you will want to press your dark row seams one direction and your light rows the other direction so you can nest your seams.  Pin your seams to sew the rows together to complete your block!

Here is my progress so far!



If you missed my first Budget Quilt post you can find it HERE.  It has a lot more detailed information, including patterns to make this quilt!

Be sure to come back to see the completed quilt top!

Bye for now.

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