Quilt Project Progress

Finished projects

I finally finished this purple buffalo plaid inspired quilt!

After I wash it, I am packing it up and sending it to my best friend. We have been friends… well, since forever. I met her when I started 4th grade in a new city we just moved to. I actually can’t remember how long it has been since I have seen her in person since we live miles and miles apart now that we are older and trying to be adults, but we still keep in touch. Her favorite color is purple, so this is the perfect quilt for her!

I did some fairly simple quilting… in that it was just straight lines, but I really love how it looks even on the back of the quilt!

Projects in progress

One of my cousins is an amazing carpenter/woodworker. I really don’t know what the title should be, but, regardless he asked if we could barter. So, I am making him a quilt and he is making me something out of wood.

Since I love buffalo plaid, and wanted to make sure his quilt remained fairly masculine, I went with a few of his favorite colors and made a buffalo plaid design.

I created stacked rows of the dark and medium colors and of the medium and light colors and then just chain pieced the heck out of it!

The top of the quilt came together pretty fast using this method.

I pressed the rows in order to nest the seams and then sewed it all together.

I ordered the border fabric and backing fabric… hopefully it will arrive sometime this year, but shipping is taking forever!!!

Bee Hexagon Quilt

I gathered together my bee fabric from my latest Annie’s subscription and a jelly roll that I grabbed from the fat quarter shop.

To cut my hexagons I first cut strips the width of my hexi then cut down to odd shaped squares matching the size of the hexagon.

Then I just trimmed.

After cutting all my border pieces for my hexis I started piecing them. It is a tedious task. I attach the first border piece. Press and trim. Attach the next border piece. Press a trim. You get the idea. So, I decided to chain piece.

To do this I pinned all the border pieces not being sewn during the step I was on to the respective hexagon. That helped me keep everything organized. I would chain piece the border of all my hexagons. Press them all and then trim them all. It worked really well and I felt like the process was moving along much faster.

I decided to do a few more hexagons. So I will update with the final quilt top assembly! I am really loving it so far though.

Bye for now.

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