Hidden Diamond Quilt Progress

If there were ever a time to have a project that you can work on that just makes you happy when you sit down and look at it… now is that time!

This quilt, the colors, the design, it all just makes me so happy to look at it!


If you remember, I ran out of one of the fabric colors for this quilt and had to set it on the back burner.  I was a little more than half way done with it when I realized I didn’t have enough fabric to finish it.

Well, I got the fabric in and cut the squares I needed!

I finished the last six rows today! I quickly chain pieced them together!


I will press the rows tomorrow and piece it all together.

I haven’t measured yet, but I am pretty sure the quilt is measuring around the size of a baby blanket.   So, I am hoping some purple fabric I have will work for a border to make it a little larger and more like a lap blanket size!

I am so excited to get this quilt top finished!  I will share it when I do!

Stay safe.

Bye for now.

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