Five Quilt Patterns for Beginner Quilters

When I first started quilting I always found it really hard to find quilt patterns that were for true beginners. So, here I compiled five quilt patterns that I feel are perfect for beginner quilters. A few of these patterns I actually still love to use because, well, honestly they are just a lot of fun to piece together! I included three free patterns and two patterns that would need to be purchased.

1. Layer Cake Coin Quilt by Peta Peace

This beautiful layer cake friendly pattern is top on my list because 1. It’s free and 2. because you can use pre cut fabrics. Pre cut fabrics are great for beginner quilters because they come color and pattern coordinated taking the guess work out of pairing fabrics together yourself. This really makes picking out fabrics stress free!

This pattern is available as a PDF on She Quilts Alot’s website HERE.

2. Lemon Drop Quilt Pattern by Cotton Pickin’s Quilts

The lemon Drop Quilt pattern starts with a four patch and then stands out from all the rest with the beautiful border. This pattern is also deemed fat quarter friendly which I love for beginner quilter’s because you can buy fat quarters at a great price. Fat quarters are easy to hold when shopping so you can lay them out and see if they will work together. Also, fat quarters are easy to purchase in bundles which again are already color and pattern coordinated if you are not quite ready to pair fabrics on your own yet! And honestly, sometimes I still get overwhelmed in a beautiful quilt shop packed full of fabric!

This pattern is available in Cotton Pickin’s Quilts Etsy shop HERE.

3. Easy Peasy Quilt by Open Gate Quilts

The Easy Peasy quilt from Open Gate Quilts is an amazing pattern that is a free download. This pattern is fat quarter friendly, but what I really love is that it is perfect for highlighting fabric prints that you love! This element also makes this pattern perfect for novelty fabrics such as sports teams, holiday, or even fabric your kiddo wants on their quilt (cars, boats, dolls, etc).

I also love using this pattern to make Memory Quilts which it works perfect for! The sashing ties the quilts together with all of the different prints I used from multiple shirts. If you are interested in seeing how this pattern looks as a memory quilt using dress shirts you can watch my VIDEO on YouTube.

This pattern is available on the Open Gate Website HERE.

4. Scrappy Strips Quilt by Melissa Mortenson

I love this pattern so much because all of the strips are cut to the same length, however, the width varies which really adds some great interest to the quilt. This quilt pattern offers two different quilt sizes, a baby quilt or a lap quilt. I love that there are two options because making the baby quilt version will be easier to quilt, but when you feel ready, you can try out the larger size!

This quilt pattern is available on the Polka Dot Chair website HERE.

5. The Rocking Block Quilt by Sew Be It Quilts

The last pattern on the list is my quilt pattern The Rocking Block Quilt! Yes, I am biased since it is my pattern, however, stay with me here! lol. It really is a great pattern and I have received a lot of great feedback on it as well! Once you get a little more comfortable with quilting it is also a great pattern to adjust as well! You can easily size the blocks bigger or smaller as desired. This quilt revolves around the four patch, but it is adjusted a little with border strips so that it can rock back and forth adding a little bit of interest!

I have a step by step tutorial available HERE.

You can download the free pattern for this quilt HERE. The PDF download is at the bottom of the page.

I hope you found some beginner quilt inspiration here from this list!

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