Scrappy Quilt

Since we are all currently homebound for an undetermined amount of time, I decided to start tackling my quilt fabric scraps.  I personally only save scraps of fabric that are about an inch wide or more.

I started cutting my fabric into 2″ squares and 3.5″ squares.  If I come across any fabric scraps smaller than 2″ I will just save it for something else.

Here are my pieces so far.

I still have a lot more fabric to cut.  But, this will be a project I slowly add to.  At least, that is the plan.


My plan is to sew the 2″ pieces into 4-square checkerboard style blocks.  Then I will sew them together with the larger 3.5″ blocks to create interest and texture.

One thing I am nervous about is the wide variety of fabric patterns and colors.  I am hoping I can get a nice balance by carefully arranging them.  We will see!

It is a scrappy quilt after all… So, I am just going to go with it!

Bye for now.

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