Part 5… Finishing the Layer Cake Quilt

The Finish Line! You are really in the home stretch now. And I am positive that you are very excited to see your quilt all complete. You may want to rush to complete your binding, but resist that urge! You will need to go slow and make sure your binding stays nice and even. There... Continue Reading →

Part 4 – Layer Cake Quilt

Let's start quilting! OK, so, before we get started I want you to take a deep breath and do some of your favorite stretches. I'll wait. Now that you are all limber we will get started. If this is your first time quilting you will likely feel sore through your shoulders. You will have a... Continue Reading →

Part 3 – Layer Cake Quilt

Basting Your Quilt Confession time. Every time I say I am going to baste my quilt I question if I used the right word! Why? Because it reminds me of Thanksgiving and basting a turkey. The English language is so fun! There are a few ways to baste a quilt, but in this tutorial I... Continue Reading →

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