Quilt – A – Long

Week Nine - Quilt Sandwich This week we are in the finishing stages of the entire quilt process. And, I am not going to lie... this step is probably my least favorite. It is tedious and time consuming. I usually get a few quilt tops finished and layer and baste a few all in the... Continue Reading →

Table Top Quilt Sandwich

I have to tell you, I have always struggled with assembling my quilt sandwiches. I used to lay all my layers out on the floor. First of all, this would kill my knees. But also, I could get my backing fabric laid out nice, then as soon as I added the batting to the mix... Continue Reading →

Part 3 – Layer Cake Quilt

Basting Your Quilt Confession time. Every time I say I am going to baste my quilt I question if I used the right word! Why? Because it reminds me of Thanksgiving and basting a turkey. The English language is so fun! There are a few ways to baste a quilt, but in this tutorial I... Continue Reading →

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