Table Top Quilt Sandwich

I have to tell you, I have always struggled with assembling my quilt sandwiches. I used to lay all my layers out on the floor. First of all, this would kill my knees. But also, I could get my backing fabric laid out nice, then as soon as I added the batting to the mix the backing fabric would move around. I tried taping my backing fabric to the floor, but I would have to be really gentle or I would pull the tape up. It was an extremely frustrating process and it almost never turned out perfect.

I almost always ended up with either bunched batting or folded over backing fabric when I got to quilting my project. It was discouraging to piece a beautiful quilt top just to have my quilt sandwich step betray me!

My new table top method not only saves my knees, but also gets me a perfect quilt sandwich every time!

I use a 6ft folding table, but, this would also work on a big cleared off dining table as well. Since my dining table always has junk on it I just bring out this folding table.

I lay my backing fabric seam side up on the table. The folded part of the table has a nice groove that allows me to feel across it to line up my seam! This helps me center my quilt backing!

I then use my husband clamps to keep everything in place. I smooth and re-clamp as needed.

I then fold the batting in fourths and center the folded center in the middle of the table.

I slowly fold everything out. Yes I drape it over the clamps. The nice thing about the clamps is that it keeps the batting from shifting!

One clamp at a time I re-clamp over the batting and backing fabric. Work slowly smoothing everything out as your work through to all the clamps one at a time.

Look at how nice and smooth that is!!!

Now you will add on your quilt top!

I fold it in half and line it up with the center of the table. Before you start clamping make sure both sides drape with extra batting showing on each side!

You will work through clamping all sides one at a time. Just like with the batting layer. Smooth as you work.

One of my sides was too short to reach the clamp. The batting will help hold it in place a little bit, but I made sure to pin and smooth on that side. I start pinning in the center and work out as I pin.

When you finish pinning the quilt top that is available on the table top you will remove the clamps and slowly shift the quilt to one side and re-clamp one side at a time making sure everything is nice and smooth.

You will need to do this on all sides that drape over the table until the entire quilt top is pinned.

After everything is pinned your quilt is ready to quilt!

Sneak Peak

Here are a few photos of the quilting so far! I just need to finish the border.

I really get nice smooth layers when I assemble my quilt sandwich using this method! And it saves my knees!

I will show more photos of this quilt completed soon!

Bye for now.

4 responses to “Table Top Quilt Sandwich”

  1. I have the same blue clamps as you. But I’ve been worried about the grease/ oil getting on the quilt. Did you clean them off? How did you deal with them.


    • I haven’t had that issue at all. I just make sure there isn’t anything on them before using them, such as sawdust.
      I did buy my own clamps since this post (instead of snagging my husbands).
      I purchased Rockler Bandy Clamps and they are much easier to use.


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this excellent tip! Just basted my quilt this way! It is now (mostly) dog/cat hair free and was completed quickly and easily!


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