The Best Monthly Quilt Box

Ok, so by now I am sure it is no secret that I find this to be the absolutely best monthly quilt box! It is always jam packed full of the best quilting fabric and supplies.

So, lets just get right into it.

Here is how my box arrived.

Opening the box.

The first thing I want to see in the box is the fabric! I want to know if it is fabric that I will love!!!

Look familiar? It might!

It is the exact same fabric I received in my Fat Quarter Shop monthly box! How funny is that!? They are both Layer Cakes too! The only difference is that this is a larger layer cake.

So, yes, I am happy with the fabric! Its beautiful, great quality, and I love florals!

Next I saw a cute little box of sewing themed coasters.

They are super cute!

Next I pulled out some clips!

This was a set of two different sized magic clips. These will certainly come in handy!

I also received some thread!

We always need thread!

Here is the pattern that came in this box.

And finally, here is the overview of everything I received in this box.

I am really happy with everything in this box! I can’t wait to use these new clips! I use wonder clips quite often so I really want to see how these compare.

If you would like to see what I received in my April PreCutsQuilt Box shipment you can click HERE.

If you are interested in the precutsquilt shop monthly subscription you can shop HERE. The Subscription is $55 a month.

Bye for now.

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