Unboxing Quilt Subscription Box

My June 2020 PreCutsQuiltShop Subscription box

There is no secret that this is my absolute favorite subscription box. It is seriously amazing every single time. I am ecstatic every single time I get the notification that this box has shipped!

Even the box is cute!

The tissue paper is cute!

Everything about this box is perfection!

I love how you can tell everything is handpicked for each box! There isn’t just random things picked and tossed in. Its all coordinated!

Let’s dive in! Or, sail in! (Hint)

I adore Jelly Rolls. I feel like they are so fun and easy to work with!

So, I was extremely excited to see another jelly roll!

Then I saw that it was the Catalina line and was even more excited because it was a fabric bundle I have been eyeing!

And, remember how I said everything in this box always goes together so well! Take a look at this cute pattern!

So stinking cute!

Other Notions and goodies!

This quilt box also comes with extra quilt goodies besides fabric and a pattern!

This time I got thread, which coordinates really well with the fabric, an adorable gel pen, and an apron!

I am so happy with everything I received in this box! Love it!

If you are interested in this quilt box you can check it out HERE. I get the classic box and it is $55 a month. I know it sounds like a lot, but they are an amazing value!

You can check out my May box HERE.

I would love for you to subscribe and leave me a comment below! Let me know what your favorite crafty subscription box is!

Bye for now.

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