My New Design Wall

In the past I have always planned my quilts out on the floor. Not only is this hard on my knees and back, but it was also inconvenient to my family and dog. My family had to try to dodge everything I laid out… and well, the dog would walk over it and mess it all up. It was frustrating for all of us.

So, my husband finally found some time to build one for me!

The design wall came together really fast since I didn’t really want or need anything fancy!

The best part was that we had everything we needed except the hinges! I love when we can repurposed what we already have on hand!

The wood we used was slats from our bed (we upgraded recently to an adjustable bed so the slates were removed from the frame).

The design wall fabric is waterproof tablecloths we used in the past for paint pours. They work great because they are flannel lined on one side. So I used that side for the side I would be designing on! Smaller pieces of fabric stick pretty well without pins.

To attach the tablecloths to the frame we used simple thumbtacks.

It was so so easy!

Because of the hinges this design wall is easy to fold down to half its size!

We stretched the table cloths around each side and used thumb tacks to hold them in place!

Here is the design wall inside and being used!

Gather Supplies

Click the images for purchasing options

You will need two tablecloths! Make sure you purchase the size you need for the design wall you are planning to make!

One pack of thumbtacks.

Two hinges.

And you will also need enough wood to complete the size of design wall you plan to make!

Bye for now!

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