Fall and Halloween Fabric I am Obsessing Over

I adore Fall. Fall is most definitely my favorite season. I love the colors, the food, and the fall scents! Apple cider anyone!? So, when it comes to Fall Fabric I am all in. Just take my money because I want all of it! I am sure, if you are a fabric enthusiast like I am, you have a few designers that you feel the same way about! I feel as if Lella Boutique and Sandy Gervais should just have my credit card and send me their new fabric lines whenever they are released. Let me know in the comments if there is a designer like that for you!

First up on my list of Fall fabrics is a whole fabric line! A lot of Items on my list here will be full fabric lines because I really love the idea of a whole line of fabric that is coordinated to go together.

1. Season and Spice by AGF Studio

Fat Quarter Shop has a Fat Quarter Bundle available here.

Season and Spice caught my eye when Cotton Cuts released their Sew Sweet Puzzle Mystery Quilt colorways. I fell in love with this one and just had to sign up. The reason this color way caught my eye is because it has a fall feel, yet has some unique colors you don’t always find in a fall color scheme. I love it! I have been recording the Sew Sweet Puzzle Mystery quilt blocks. You can watch them here.

2. Retro Halloween by Dan DiPaolo

Shabby Fabrics has a Fat Quarter Bundle available here. If you have never shopped there you can sign up for their newsletter and receive a 10% off coupon.

The Retro Halloween line has me drooling because I really love that the orange colors have more of a burnt orange tone or a dull look to them rather than that bright orange many Halloween fabrics have. I love the polka dot prints too! The dots aren’t perfectly round and are a little rustic and it just truly fits the retro/antique/ spooky vibe! I love it!

3. Retro Halloween Panel by Dan PiPaolo

Don’t need a Fat Quarter Bundle, but want to use this panel in some Halloween sewing projects? This Etsy shop has the panel for sale!

I know, I know, I did just show the whole Retro Halloween fabric line, however, I do honestly feel like the panel deserves a spot all its own! It is amazing. I really think a lot of the designs in the panel would make some great DIY trick or treat bags! What would you make with this panel?

4. Fall for Autumn by Hoffman Fabrics

The Fat Quarter Shop has a Fat Quarter Bundle available here.

This fabric line for Fall by Hoffman Fabrics is pure perfection. I love the leaf prints so much because they have this watercolor feel to them. They sort of look like someone put water color on leaves they found on a hike and pressed them to fabric. The blender fabrics have such nice rich colors on them too. I can really see some beautiful quilts being made with this line of fabric.

5. Adel in Autumn by Sandy Gervais

You can purchase an Adele In Autumn Fat Quarter Bundle from this Etsy Shop.

I wasn’t surprised when I came across this fabric line by Sandy Gervais and fell in love. I love so many of Sandy Gervais’s fabric lines, as mentioned above. Her color tones and floral designs mixed with geometric prints really speak to me! I was so happy to find this line of fabric that had a mixture of pumpkins, Fall foliage and plaids! All of these elements just scream fall to me. I usually try to steer away from browns, however, when it comes to fall fabric lines I can make an exception… plus, I do think the tone of brown here works well with all of the other colors.

6. Haunted Hallow by Tracey English

Haunted Hollow is available in a Fat Quarter Bundle through Bear Creek Quilting Company here.

This Fabric line caught my eye first because of the ghost prints! Oh my goodness I love them! They are spooky, but not so spooky that they are scary. The faces on the ghosts are a little funny even, however, the movement created really gives it a spooky feel since they look like they are circling the sky overhead. I really love the mixture of prints in this line of fabric because you also get two prints that have a fully Fall feel. There are cute owls, pumpkins and fall leaves, and also two fall blenders that are orange and yellow. It really makes this line very versatile if you are wanting to purchase only one bundle to cover all of your Fall and Halloween sewing and quilting projects!

7. Spooky Night Halloween fabric by Studio E Fabrics
Damask pattern with skulls on black.

This beautiful fabric is available in this Etsy Shop!

I wanted to add just yardage I love onto this list since I know I am not always in the market for large fabric bundles! Some years my seasonal sewing list just isn’t that long, or I already have some great fabric leftover from the year before that I didn’t use.

I really love this fabric from Spooky Halloween because it is subtle, and has a vintage lacy feel! This fabric would make some great accent pillows! What would you make?

8. Spooky Night Halloween fabric by Studio E Fabrics
Small pumpkins on vines on light gray.

The orange print is available at this Etsy Shop. The same Etsy shop also has the white print here.

I love this print from the Spooky Night Halloween fabric line as well because they are so subtle when it comes to a Halloween print. Yes, you first notice the colors. They are black and orange so it works for Halloween, however, if you take a closer look you will notice the jack o lanterns! I just love these two fabrics!

9. Fall Harvest collection by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics. 

You can purchase this Fall Harvest print from this Etsy shop.

I just adore this print by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics. I love the simplistic feel to it. There are just two colors and that is it, however, you still get a lot of fall in this one print. There are acorns, pumpkins, and a lot of fall leaves and foliage. I love that the placement of all of the design elements are well thought out. So much of this fabric is covered in Fall elements. I also really like that the pumpkins are different shapes as well. If I was in the market for just one Fall fabric it would have to be this one!

10. Too Cute to Spook by Me and My Sister by Moda

You can purchase the Too Cute To Spook fabric from this Etsy shop.

I had to include a spiderweb print! When it comes to Halloween fabrics I really love finding a good spiderweb print. Maybe it is because spiders completely freak me out so I find their webs completely spooky and perfect for Halloween! Not only is this print pure perfection, and I just love the orange and black spiders, but the name of this fabric line, Too Cute To Spook, just makes me want to buy all the things! I love it!

So, there it is! That is all of the fall and Halloween fabric I am loving right now! Right now, because I am sure I will find more! All of you fabric enthusiasts know exactly what I mean!

Tell me, what on this list was your favorite, and then let me know if you have a favorite not on the list!

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