Sewing Room Tour

I have been wanting a designated craft/sewing space forever! I did have my own space for awhile now, but it was scraped together with furniture leftover from other houses or spaces. It wasn’t very functional and it definitely wasn’t organized. I could never find what I needed, so, I wasn’t always as productive as I wanted to be.

I finally took the time to sketch out exactly how I wanted my space to look and exactly what I needed.

I really really wanted a Dream Box because I saw so many people loving there’s, but, the price deterred me, and, I honestly felt that for me, and the type of crafting I enjoy, it may not be very functional.

On my YouTube Channel I show a full walk through of my “Old” Sewing room.

It took me awhile to plan out the ideal sewing room for me, and then I had the daunting task of finding furniture that matched the plans I was made.

I ended up at Ikea’s website, of course, and I put together a shopping list. I don’t really enjoy shopping so I made a very detailed list of items I wanted. I will share the shopping list I made as a downloadable PDF below.

Hopefully the list inspires you if you have been wanting to update your craft space.

There were a few things I really wanted in my new space.

First, I wanted a sewing desk that didn’t shake when I sewed fast. I found a desk with a nice sturdy metal from and had a nice heavy wooden top. I say desk, but this table was actually in the kitchen section of Ikea, but, a table is a table.

I also added shelves above my sewing space for extra storage.

Next, I wanted a second desk for my daughter to craft and also for Cricut projects. We purchased the same table as we did for my sewing space for symmetry purposes. We also added two shelves above that table for symmetry and added storage.

I love the wire baskets that we found at Ikea. They attach under shelves and are perfect for adding extra storage to a space. I put all of our heat transfer vinyl in one basket and our other vinyl in the other.

Next I wanted a big work station for cutting and pressing fabric.

This huge island work station is made up from Kallax cube shelves and table tops that we already had from Ikea. The top of this work space is 5’x5′ so it is HUGE and I love it!

Last I wanted a design wall to plan quilts out on. I purchased the design wall HERE. Then my husband helped me paint trim so that it would look more finished on the wall. We used Waverly chalk paint in the shade called Ocean.

Before the trim was added the wall was pretty uneven and just didn’t look very good in my beautiful new room! The trim was the perfect way to complete the room!

If you would like a more complete tour of my sewing space you can watch a walk through below.

Bye for now.

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