Not Worth the Price

I have tried a few kits from Annie’s Kit Club. I started with the Fabric Stash Builder and felt it was overprices. I purchased the Knit Afghan Block of the Month, and while I enjoyed it… I also think that kit is overpriced as well. This Holiday Quilt Club is by far the worst of all the kits I have tried from Annie’s Kit Club. This kit cost $39.95 a month which is more than I pay for the Sew Sampler box, which in my opinion is far superior to this box. The Sew Sampler comes with a fabric, notions, thread, and a pattern. This box comes with fabric and pattern. Plus, the pattern is usually so simple and not something I would have interest in making.

This month I received four fabrics and a kitchen set pattern. While the fabrics are beautiful, there is not enough yardage to warrant the high price tag of this box. And the pattern, well, it honestly isn’t something I would make. I don’t like that type of ovenmit and the hot pad is way to large to be useful.

I would also like to add that I am not just basing my opinion on this shipment alone. This is the third box I received and have felt the same way about all of them. They just are not worth the price.

The fabric has always been beautiful though.

How do you feel about the cost versus what you receive with this box?

Bye for now.

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