Binding a Quilt

I take the simple route when I bind my quilts. I like to sew my binding to the back of the quilt, then fold over to the front and machine sew in front. Some people like to stitch their binding on by hand. I am just not patient enough to do that.

I also sew my binding strips together with simple straight seams. Sewing your strips together on the diagonal creates less bulk, but I am just a rebel when it comes to quilting.

My binding strips are 2.5″ wide by the width of fabric.

Sew the strips together and press the seams open.

Fold the binding in half, wrong sides together, and press. I like wrap my binding into a spool.

I sew my binding on to the back of the quilt first. I leave some binding free, about a foot, when I start sewing. This gives me space to join my ends together after going all the way around the quilt.

When I get to a corner I stop sewing about a 1/4″ from the corner. I leave my needle down, raise my presser foot, and sew at an angle to the corner.

Next I flip the binding over to follow the angle I sewed then fold it straight down to begin sewing again.

I follow this process all the way around the quilt until I need to sew the binding ends together.

Then, its time to fold the binding to the front of the quilt to sew in place!

HERE is a more detailed binding post.

I hope you enjoyed this quilt along!
I would love to see your quilts!

Post them on my Facebook page HERE.

Bye for now.

2 responses to “Binding a Quilt”

  1. That’s really neat. It seems like you have it figured out how to do you binding! Love seeing your process and how you get get them together! One day, I’ll make my own and I’ll have all these tips and tricks to help me through it 🙂


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