Unboxing My Fat Quarter Shop Monthly Subscription!

I love getting my monthly quilt boxes in the mail! It sure brings a lot of excitement to my day.

I opened my mailbox to see that familiar teal box!

I pulled open the box to see the sneak peak sleeve.

Things were looking good! The sneak peak was bright and cheerful and hinted of home!

The first thing I saw after pulling away the cover was some foundation paper.

The foundation paper is called Courthouse Steps and makes 6″ blocks. I haven’t used this type of paper before, but I am excited to give it a try.

I am actually going to skip ahead to the main pattern in the box because it goes with this foundation paper. I really appreciate when products in the box go together.

There were two more quilty notions in the box.

Here are the scissor IDs. It is a three pack of magnetic markers to label your scissors. The labels are for fabric, thread, and paper.

These labels were probably my favorite item in this box. They are really cute and very functional.

My fabric scissors were actually marked with lace!

The other notion is a Creative Grids 9″ Seam Guide Tool.

This tool will be great for marking my half square triangles!

Before showing the fabric, here is the Greatest Hits pattern for the month!

It looks like a really fun block!

So, to be honest, the fabric wasn’t my jam this month. It happens, and I am not mad about it. There are a few patterns in the bundle that I do like, but most of them just aren’t. But hey, we all have different tastes so I am sure there are many people that will be super excited about this bundle!

This fabric is a petite layer cake bundle. It had a real 70s vibe to it and the mushrooms just aren’t for me.

Here are a few pictures are some of the other patterns in the bundle.

I’m sure I will find the perfect project for this fabric, but, it definitely wasn’t my favorite box.

Here is the video version of my unboxing.

Bye for now!

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