How I Stay Organized When Piecing a Quilt Top

When I quilt I like to try to stay as organized as possible. Staying organized helps me be more productive and makes the process a lot less stressful.

One of the main things I focus on is working on each step of the process until completing that step.

For example, after I pick out a pattern and the fabric I am going to use I press all of the fabric. I press all of the fabric I am going to use before I start cutting any fabric, which is the next step. I find that I work more efficiently if I finish one task at a time. That way I am not running back and forth from the ironing board to the cutting mat. I don’t have to wait for my iron to reheat if I am moving back and forth. I just get all the ironing done at one time, then I move on to cutting.

Then, you guessed it, when I get to the cutting stage I cut all of my fabric! I don’t cut one piece of fabric then sew or mark pieces for half square triangles.

I keep my rotary cutter sharp! That way I can cut through multiple layers of fabric quickly. This makes this step move much more swiftly!

You may have noticed, when piecing a quilt top, you can end up with a lot of small pieces of fabric. This can get pretty confusing if you are using a lot of different fabrics. So, because of this, one of my most critical steps is keeping my cut pieces all organized. I like to keep mine in a tray with high sides.

Not only does keeping my pieces organized help me design the layouts for my blocks easier, since I can see all of my different fabric options, but it also allows me to set this project aside if needed and easily come back to it.

For this particular quilt pattern I had to make some half square triangles.

I marked corner to corner on every half square triangle before I moved onto sewing. Again, I do this so I am not moving from sewing to marking, but rather, working efficiently on one task at a time.

After marking I chain piece my half square triangles.

(I will post a YouTube video that shows how I like to chain piece my half square triangles)

After sewing all my half square triangles I move onto cutting.

This Trimming tool is a life saver when It comes to cutting half square triangles. You can find it on Amazon!

After cutting all of the HSTs I press them all and reorganize my pieces.

Now I start planning my quilt blocks.

I sew my blocks and press the seams.
Then I plan out the entire quilt top, sew the rows together, and finally sew each row together.

I am really happy with how this quilt turned out!

I really love the quilting!

I will be posting a quick tutorial on how I did the quilting soon.

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