Spinning Flower Bed Quilt – Week Ten

Currently I quilt all of my quilts on a standard sewing machine. It definitely isn’t easy, but that is what I have to work with right now, so, I make it work. I have mentioned before that I am an “ish” quilter. I make quilts for the joy of it. If I stress over all the details I wont find it fun anymore. So, my quilts are straightish, my seams are evenish, and my quilting is perfectish. It is what it is. And honestly, I am okay with it!

So, since this quilt is larger I didn’t try to free motion quilt it. I just quilted it in straight lines, but, I did do a little something something to make it fun!

To quilt on my sewing machine, in straight lines, I roll each side of my quilt to where I am going to start quilting.

To quilt I divided my quilt into four sections. I quilted each diagonal section in the same direction. For example, the top right quarter and the bottom left quarter I quilted with straight lines going up and down. The top left section and the bottom right section I quilted with straight lines going left and right. I quilted my lines about 1/2″ apart. I really thought this added some fun interest to really simple quilting.

I am really happy with how the quilting turned out.

I created a video on YouTube that shows how I quilt on my standard sewing machine.

Once you have finished quilting you will want to trim off any extra batting and backing fabric to have it ready for binding next week!

Bye for now.

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