Finished Quilts

I can’t believe it! I have finished so many quilts so far this year and I just finished three more!

Completing the finishing quilting and binding has been my least favorite part of quilting! I love love love planning and piecing quilts together. But quilting the layers together I typically found very daunting. It is where I can really mess up an entire quilt!

I have started to find the quilting process a little more exciting though. I have been practicing free motion quilting a lot more and have really started to feel a little more comfortable with the whole process!

So, lets take a closer look at three of the quilts I recently finished.

Americana Quilt

You can find the pattern to the Americana quilt and the next quilt I will be showing on the free pattern section of my blog HERE.

I have to say that I am ok with how this quilt turned out! It was my first really big project while diving in and committing to practicing free motion quilting more. It is no where close to being perfect, but I am happy with the overall look of it.

There is so much design and color to this quilt so I decided to use a solid navy blue binding.

The back of the quilt is very very interesting. Since the backing fabric was red I decided to alternate my cream (representing white because I didn’t want a bright white thread) and blue thread so that I would still get a red, white and blue design on the back of the quilt.

While I think the back turned out fun, it honestly does show my inexperience with free motion quilting more than the front. I tried to move to fast so the thread on the back isn’t as nice and tight and in some places it looks like it is floating.

My half square triangle quilt

This quilt was so darn fun to design and put together. I am so happy with the layout and color placement.

I am really happy with the quilting on this quilt too. The back of the quilt looks a lot better. I slowed down and was really intentional with my movements.

Who else loves a striped binding as much as I do!?

This backing fabric is gorgeous!

This quilt just makes me so happy!

The layout for this pattern is in the free quilt pattern section of my blog.

Town Square Garden Quilt

This quilt pattern was so insanely fun to put together. The pattern and almost all of the fabric (Minus the backing fabric) came in my subscription box from PreCutsQuiltShop. You can find that post HERE.

I really had fun quilting this! I just let myself have fun. I sketched out a diagram and planned out how I would quilt the different sections! I really put a lot of planning into this. I really think it turned out really fun!

I didn’t pick out the binding fabric since it came in my subscription box, but I think it is perfect for the quilt!

Well, those were the three quilts I finished over the past few weeks!

I would love to hear what you are working on and which quilt you liked the most! Leave me a comment!

Bye for now.

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