Baby Quilts

Baby quilts are so fun to make! They are small and easy to put together, plus, you get to work with adorable fabric!

You can work with an easy patchwork design. Keep it simple with just two different fabrics and it somehow still turns out adorable!

You can easily make a simple matching lovie too!

I used cozy cotton from the Missouri Star Quilt Company for the front of the quilt and Minky fabric for the back. Minky isn’t that easy to work with, but it is super soft and I love the textured Minky since it is perfect for babies by adding a great sensory aspect!

Shop the cute elephant fabric HERE.

Shop Minky HERE.

You can also make a fun Half Square Triangle baby quilt!

I used the most amazing trim tool to get these half square triangles perfect!

I love this trim tool because it has slotted grooves so you can trim the seam tails. This really helps me get perfect squares after trimming! This easy step helps me line up these HSTs so much easier!

Click the image above to check them out!

I used cozy cotton for this quilt as well! I haven’t finished quilting but I will likely use minky for the back as well.

This Milestone Elephant quilt I really had fun with!

It is a simple patchwork with Cozy cotton and I added Minky to the back.

I appliqued the elephant and balloons on and added yarn with my couching foot for the strings to the balloons.

Then I made a matching lovey.

I also made a cute zipper bag!

Then I decided to make some balloons for baby milestone photos!

They were not perfect at all, but it was a fun experiment and a lot of fun!

This blanket would be a cute photo opportunity!

The back of this blanket looks so cozy!

These quilts are available on my Etsy Shop, and this bundle is a great deal!

Check it out HERE.

Bye for now!

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