Super Fast Star Block

I don’t know about you, but I am a horrible planner. Holidays sneak up on me… birthdays too. I am just not good at dates. So, when holidays approach I am pretty much never ready for them.

So, if you are like me and didn’t realize that July is right around the corner, but would like to have something quick and patriotic as decor, then this pattern will be perfect for you!

I love quilt blocks because you can easily make them into different quilt projects. This block measures 13.5″ when finished. It would make a great accent pillow, wall hanging, table runner, or even a place mat… and of course a quilt!

I already made the design into a tote bag too. I’ll post the tutorial for the bag soon!

By the way… I am giving this bag away! If you would like to nominate someone affiliated in some way with the Military head to my Facebook page and nominate someone active in the Military, a Veteran, spouse, child, parent, or even a sibling. HERE is my Facebook Page. Nominations close July 2nd and the winner of the tote bag will be announced July 4th.

Star Block

This block comes together so fast if you have some precuts available!
Grab a patriotic jelly roll and some coordinating solids in a charm pack and you are ready to assemble!

Getting Started

To make one block you will need 6 charm squares (5×5″ square) and 2 jelly roll strips (2.5″ x width of fabric).

Take two of your 5×5″ squares and cut them into equal quarters. You will then have 8 – 2.5″ squares.

Cut your jelly roll strips into 4 – 5″ strips and 4 – 7″ strips.

Dog Ears

Now we are going to take the tiny 2.5″ squares and line them up on our newly cut strips. We are going to create our dog ears on the strips.

Doesn’t that term just make you smile? Just me?

After you get your squares lined up you will mark corner to corner on the squares.

I like to line them all up as pictured so I make sure I mark all of my 5″ squares the same direction and then all my 7″ squares the opposite direction.

Sew across your marked line.

Cut 1/4″ away from the marked line and press the seam.

Assembling the block

I like to first lay out all of my block pieces to make sure I don’t sew anything in the wrong direction.

With everything laid out I can see that so far… everything is going to come together correctly to make the star design.

You are going to first sew the 5″ strip onto your 5″x5″ squares. The longer patterned edge of the strip will be the side you sew your 1/4″ seam along.

Sew all four 5″ strips onto the 5″ squares and then press the seams.

Next the longer 7″ strip is sewed on to each square and press the seams.

You will now have four squares that look like the image below.

Finishing the block

Lay out your four completed squares. Sew your top two together and your bottom two together then press the seams.

To finish you will sew the top half of the star to the bottom half of the star. Press the seam.

I love how quickly these blocks come together! They are just beautiful!

I also put together a video to show the steps for assembling this block! Check it out here!

Finished, my blocks measure about 13.5″. Piece a couple rows together and you can quickly make a beautiful throw!

I added some sashing and cornerstones to mine! I am just waiting on my backing fabric to arrive to finish it off completely!

I hope you enjoy making your patriotic star blocks!

Keep an eye out for that tote bag tutorial!

Bye for now!

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