Completed Pineapple Quilt

Over the weekend I finally finished my Pineapple Quilt! I was so happy to finally finishing this project! If you haven’t pieced together a pineapple quilt, let me warn you, it can be a big project. The particular pattern I used was all paper templates… so, it took awhile to cut all the pieces!

However, it was completely worth it! And the design worked beautifully with the fabric I chose!

Here is the pattern I used.

You can purchase an acrylic cutting tool specific to Pineapple Quilts. I have heard that it makes the process much easier!

All weekend I was in the best mood! I washed this quilt and promptly placed it on the couch.

And now its Monday!

I got up to go for my morning walk and looked at my weather app like I always do. My app said it shouldn’t rain until 10! It was wrong. It poured halfway through my walk.

I laughed it off… because that is really all you can do! But wow! I was drenched! I looked like I fell into a lake or something! My shoes were full of water. It was pretty hilarious.

Later, I started working on a patriotic quilt! I was chain sewing all my final blocks together, and working along like a machine. I was being really efficient and was nearly finished! Well, I thought I was sewing my blocks together!

Yep, you guessed it! My bobbin was empty! Nearly three blocks were passed through the needle but were not actually sewn together! Whoops!

But, I will say, this patriotic quilt looks amazing! I will have the details here soon! So, be sure to subscribe!

Let me know in the comments how your Monday is going so far! I wouldn’t say my Monday was bad because I really did get a lot finished. But, it was a Monday! There were a few hiccups today for sure!

A few more Pineapple Quilt Photos!

Bye for now.

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