Quilt Progress

Town Square Garden

This past week I have been working back and forth on quilt projects and on some knitting.

I am part of Annie’s Block of the month club. Every month I get sent two skeins of yarn and three new knitting patterns. After 12 months you have all the blocks you need to put together to make a knit afghan. Well, I got pretty behind! After this week I am pretty caught up though!

Also, if you read a recent post of mine I receive a couple quilting monthly boxes as well. In my last PreCutsQuilt Box I got everything I need to complete the Town Square Garden pattern they sent!

The fabric is absolutely beautiful! Its bright and cheerful and I really want some more of it to make more quilts!

The pattern is very easy to follow. The diagrams provided are also really helpful for making sure you can get all the cuts you need from each piece of fabric.

After you get all the fabric pieces cut the quilt comes together very quickly.

Now I really want to get the blue fabrics shown in the pattern and complete that quilt as well. This quilt was really a lot of fun to put together and its absolutely beautiful as well.

Once I get the backing and decide how to quilt it I will show the finished quilt here on my blog!

Bye for now.

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