Quilt Art

My Fun Bright and Wacky Quilt

I really really love quilting. I love shopping for fabric and looking for new patterns. And sometimes, I like coming up with my own ideas.

One of my favorite ways to create quilts is to sew strips of fabric together and then cut those strips down and create a quilt.

Usually, when I do this the strips are all the same size, but I wondered… what if they weren’t all the same size… and what if each set of strips I sewed together didn’t have the same amount of strips?

And then… my wacky quilt was born!

Getting Started

First I picked out some fun and bright fabrics… ironed them and then cut them into strips.

One set of strips are all 2.5″.

My other set will have two (same color fabric) that is 3.5″ and the middle strips will be 2.5″.

All strips are 2.5″ – 4 strips in each set
3.5″ strip, 2.5″ strip, 3.5″ strip – 3 strips in each set.

Next Steps

After you cut your strips and sew them together you press your seams and cut your strip sets into squares.

I cut 8.5″ squares.

Then cut the squares into four triangles.

For the inner blocks you create you will want the triangles that have triangles at the points.

Create your blocks

If you have enough fabric you could make two completely different quilts! With this fabric the bold boxes above look amazing… but what about that black background!?


Since I didn’t have a lot of fabric I could only make these four blocks. So, I combined them to make a small quilt.

I also added some sashing and corner stones.

Another fun addition was adding some small square borders with my leftover strips.

I sewed a bunch of strips together and cut them down.

I am definitely going to make this design again with some other fabric I have on hand! I really love how this quilt came together, but I do want to try again and make to separate quilts with the different styled blocks!

Bye for now.

2 responses to “Quilt Art”

  1. I say this a lot but I really like this one!!! I enjoy seeing your new patterns and ideas and what your gonna do next!


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