Sew Sampler Monthly Quilting Box

Plus Aurifil Thread Club

So, it’s official. I am completely obsessed with monthly quilt boxes. I will tell you that even after receiving this box, the PreCutQuiltShop box is still my favorite. However, that box is double the cost… So, of course it will have more goodies!

This box is amazing, and much more cost friendly. Plus it is still packed full of goodies as well!

One thing you need to keep in mind when you receive any type of subscription box is that there may be items you wont need or use. The boxes are a surprise, and that is the fun part… but there is also that risk that you will get something you don’t want. So think about that before purchasing.

Some things I considered before purchasing these boxes is that I can always give things away that I wont use. Maybe there is a place you can donate them to… or gift those items to a friend who just started sewing.

With that said, here is how my box looked!

I have to say, I got pretty darn lucky when I decided to order. My first box is the April box and it has the first pattern block for the “Greatest Hits” quilt. All patterns will be included in the Sew Sampler boxes from April 2020 to March 2021. So, I think it should be fun receiving those! I love blocks that build upon each other. I am currently subscribed to the Annie’s Knit afghan subscription. I get three new patterns a month to knit then they come together in a blanket after a year!

Upon opening…

Take a look at this box! I received three patterns!!! THREE! Sure, you can find free patterns, and you can find patterns at a great cost, but some can cost close to $10.00! So, I love that I got three beautiful patterns in this box to try out!

The fabric I received is a precut I never used before. It’s called a Jolly Bar. It is essentially a layer cake cut in half. The bars are 5″x10″. This fabric is gorgeous and I loved it so much that I purchased the fabric required to complete the pattern that came with it! That seriously says a lot about this fabric and pattern because I almost never make quilts that match closely to what a pattern kit would look like!

Here is a quick look at everything I received in the box.

Along with all the patterns, fabric, and notions I also got a ton of coupon codes to use in the shop! That came in handy right away since I used the $20.00 off when I purchased the fabric needed to complete the Jolly Bar quilt!

I have never used a thread conditioner. I am actually not even 100% sure what it is. My best guess would be that it is mostly used for hand quilting or cross stitch. I will need to look into that. The packaging is super cute though!

I don’t own the original pack to these Alphabities, but they sure are cute. This is an expansion pack and I sure can see how they would come in handy. I often write letters and numbers on scraps of paper to pin to my quilt pieces to keep track of them. I think I will use them. We shall see!

I also received a quilting template. I don’t have the proper foot for my sewing machine to quilt with templates yet. It is a purchase I have been considering since I am not that consistent with free motion quilting yet. Hopefully I can give this template a try soon! I love that the packaging includes a lot of examples on how this template can be used!

I am so excited about everything that came in this box! I will share the progress on the Jolly Bar quilt when I get started and I will also share my May box when I receive that.

If you are interested in joining the Sew Sampler Monthly Quilting Box you can take a look at it HERE.

The cost is $24.95 plus shipping.

Aurifil Thread Subscription

Here is the thread I received in the Aurifil thread subscription box from the Fat Quarter Shop. They are all beautiful and they coordinate well together. I already know what quilt I will be using these threads on since it happens to match perfectly! I will show the progress on that quilt soon!

This thread club is $14.98 monthly plus shipping.

You can take a look at it HERE.

Bye for now.

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