The Absolute Best Quilt Box!

Ok… seriously, this box is hands down the best subscription box I have ever received from any company! This box is jammed pack full of goodies! I am over the moon excited about it.

Here is how my box looked!

I mean, it is just a box, but I thought it was pretty cute this time! It was a good sign of things to come!

Opening it up!

Check out that gorgeous fabric! It is safe to say I was getting pretty excited at this point!

By the way, I love the brochure they send. It gives an overview of all the items received in the box and the pricing of each item. It lets you know the exact value of the box!

So, guess what! Every box contains fabric, a pattern, and other notions and goodies… but this box… this box contained ALL the fabric to complete an ENTIRE QUILT TOP! They even added the binding requirements for the quilt! So, all I will need to get is the backing fabric and the batting to complete the quilt!

The fabric I received in this box fit the requirements for the pattern included in the box!

I am pretty picky about patterns, but I think this one is beautiful! I am really excited to complete it!

Here are all of the fabrics I received. They coordinate so well together! They are absolutely beautiful! I seriously can’t wait to get started on this quilt!

Alright, lets take a closer look at all the fabric!

This is the background fabric. It is 2.5 yards of Bella Solids.

Here is the binding fabric! It is 1.5 yards of Abby Rose Early Dawn.

Here are the main fabrics! It is a total of six fat quarters.

Just with all of the fabrics alone I am ecstatic about what I got in this box, but I did get two other things as well!

Needles! I have never used this brand, but I will give them a try! I always need new needles!

I also got a cute notebook set!

Here is the brochure overview of everything I received.

So, what do you think? Would you be happy with this box of quilt goodies?

If you are interested in joining this monthly quilt box click HERE to join.

I receive the classic box, but they also have another box called the modern stash builder. Both are the same price which is $55 a month, but I really feel it is an amazing value! I always get a huge amount of fabric and other great notions and extras in every box!

I’ll share the progress on this quilt as I work through it!

Bye for now!

3 responses to “The Absolute Best Quilt Box!”

  1. WOW — I love Robin Pickens fabric — her flowers are just gorgeous and the corals are beautiful–The pattern looks great also! What a box this month! Have fun….happy Mother’s Day ♥♥


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