Flower Block With Bonus Stem

I seriously can’t believe that it is Friday and we are already on the last block of this Block-a-thon… Quilt-a-long… Whatever this should be called!

Wow, I really had fun sharing all of these quilt blocks and I hope you had fun as well.

So, what I really want to know is if you would like me to put together more quilt block series like this one?

Let me know in the comments!

So… Here are the final two blocks.

What you need

If you would like to complete both blocks I suggest you use five different fabrics. I chose two for the flower, a dark and a medium tone fabric. I chose a background color, which is light. I have a fabric for the stem which is medium tone. Finally, the center blocks for the stem.

Here are the fabrics I used.


Follow the diagram below cut requirements.

Here are my fabric cuts.

Organize and sew half square triangles

First, complete your half square triangles. Sew them together, press the seams, then trim them all to 2.5″.

Sew the half square triangles according to the diagram below.

Here is what my squares looked like.

Organize blocks and sew

Now, organize all the squares according to the diagrams.

Here is the flower diagram.

Here is the stem diagram.

Here is my layout.

I sewed my flower block and stem block as two separate blocks even though they are shown together in the image above.

Sew according to layout using the method you prefer. I like to sew my squares together in columns. I pin all the squares I can sew, then chain piece. I press my seams so that they can be nested.

Here are pictures of my process while sewing the flower block.

Here are pictures of my process while sewing the stem block.


Just like that… two blocks are finished!

The final blocks measure 12.5″ so, keep that in mind if you would like to make a quilt top.

I really think this layout would be a lot of fun with flowers in a variety of different colors!

If you would like to be able to easily print the graphics I created for cutting and layouts I put them into a PDF.

You can download it below.

If you haven’t already, I would love for you to subscribe to my blog. I plan to continue to share my projects and hopefully bring more patterns here to share!

Bye for now.

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