Let’s Have a Laugh

I would love to tell you that my inspiration for this blog post was inspired by the state of the world right now.  I would love to tell you that I am trying to bring you a laugh to help calm your nerves during this tough time.  And while I hope this post does make you laugh, and all of those awesome things… If I said that is why I was creating a Friday Funnies post, it would honestly be a lie.

The truth is.  I just don’t have any Friday Finishes.  So, as I perused Instagram looking at quilts, because what else do you do when you are stuck at home hours on end and need to let your sewing machine cool down,  I found some funny craft images… and a then, a Friday Post was born!

So, because my inspiration for a new post is centered around not having any finished projects.  Let’s take a look at funny number one!


This picture made me laugh so hard.  Because, its truth!  I don’t have one finished project to share, but I could probably show pictures of 20 in progress!  How many projects do you have in the works!?

Because quilting is so addicting.  I constantly have projects in the works… I mean, in my defense, who can decide on just one project, especially with all the quilt pattern and fabric options available!?  So, we all have mini projects we make a lot of? Right? Just me?  Well, if you do, what is something small you make a lot of?

I love making tote bags and pot holders!  But, this picture still made me chuckle because I totally get it!


Alright, so like I said, fabric!  I love shopping for fabric! There are just so many beautiful colors, patterns and designs!  How do you not want to just buy them all!!!!????

With all that fabric comes the need to iron!  So this made me laugh so hard!


One image that made me laugh really hard was this one!


I have been giving away a lot of quilts to friends and family lately so these labels cracked me up!  I have actually never put a label on a quilt yet, but have been thinking about it because I have been giving away so many of my creations! I may start adding this to my “real” label, when I design one, just for a laugh!

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Bye for now.


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