Scrappy Quilt Progress

Oh my goodness… you guys!  This whole virus stuff is starting to get to me! I am a huge introvert, but there is something really different about being told you CAN’T go anywhere.  This is so so so hard.  I pray you are all doing well, and I pray this passes soon.

government says

So, today I just wanted to sit and sew and let my mind go somewhere else.  So I grabbed my tiny squares for my scrappy quilt I am working on and just went to work.  I chained and chained and chained a bunch of squares together.

I am not going to press them today.  Im not even going to cut the strings chaining them together today.  I just wanted to sit and sew and let my mind wander.  Sitting at the sewing machine is my favorite part when creating a quilt.  So, that was what I wanted to do!


This was so much fun because I am not at a point where I am thinking about square placement or anything like that. I am just choosing colors that look nice together and pairing them for the four square blocks I will be using for the quilt top later.

My mindset today was actually so perfect for working on this today. I didn’t want to over think… I just wanted to relax. So I didn’t spend a whole lot of time deciding which colors should go together. I just quickly put two together and decided yes or no.  Usually I can spend so much time overthinking things.  And that is exactly what I didn’t want to do on this quilt!  I want it to look scrappy!

If you want a little more information about square sizes I am using for this quilt you can look at my first post HERE.

Bye for now.

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