March Pre Cut Quilt Shop Subscription!

I absolutely love getting my different monthly subscription boxes and this one is my favorite subscription because they send so much stuff!

Let me start by saying, this March box isn’t my favorite from them, but it is still filled with some pretty awesome stuff!

So… Here is what I got!


This box always comes with fabric, a pattern, and some bonus sewing supplies or notions.

My favorite stuff in this box is the wool ironing mat, and the marking pen and pencil.

I have been wanting to try a wool ironing mat, so I am super excited about that.


Unfortunately I am not too crazy about the fabric or the pattern in this box.

So, to be fair, some of the fabrics are really pretty.  There are 12 fat quarters here, so its a decent amount of fabric! There are only three I really don’t like and they are the ones with princesses… or maybe fairies on them.  Im just not at that stage of life anymore with my daughter.  Im sure I will be able to use it for someone else though.

So, while it isn’t fabric I am super excited about… it will get used, and as always, the box is a great value!


So… the pattern.  I just can’t say anything nice about it. Sorry designer! It just isn’t for me.  It won’t get used.  Im sure someone else will love it.  And if you, reading this, want it. Let me know. I will spray it with lysol and mail it to you! 🙂


So, all in all, I am still super happy with this subscription!  If you are interested in joining  you can do so HERE.  I joined the Classic Subscription and it is $55 a month.

Here are some of my past boxes.

Subscription Box

Bye for now…

2 responses to “March Pre Cut Quilt Shop Subscription!”

  1. You’ll love the wool mat! I immediately noticed a difference when I got my first one. Now I have 3 — all different sizes. The 17 x 24 is perfect for my ironing board! I also like the Sewline marking pens. Lots of goodies in your box!


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