How to Quilt and Still Keep a Clean Home

Do you have a million quilts you want to make, but also need to find time to actually clean your house?


Here are some 5 minute tasks you can complete when you need a quick stretch in between cutting or sewing your quilts!

3. Unload/load dishwasher

4. Clean a messy drawer

5. Dust baseboards in one room

6. Replace dirty bathroom or kitchen towels with clean towels

7. Wipe off the tops of your washer and dryer

9. Wipe out microwave

10. Sweep one room

11. Wipe down stove top

12. Empty trash cans

13. Dust one room

15. Declutter one room

16. Wipe down sinks

17. Organize one pantry shelf

18. Clean and dust bedside tables

19. Vacuum one room

20. Mop one room

Leave a comment and let me know what else I can add to the list! I know there are many more small tasks!

Lets help each other get more quilting time in!

Bye for now.

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