Rocking Block Quilt

I am craving Spring. As much as I love the cool weather I really crave seeing greenery and flowers. I am waiting for our grass to no longer be dormant and less dreary weather.

I started looking through my fabric stash and found a half yard bundle that I purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop. You guys! It is perfect! This fabric is so beautiful and cheerful.

I looked through different quilt patterns and I just couldn’t find anything that spoke to me. And then… Snuggled up on the couch, cuddling with my Christmas Quilt, it hit me! I need to design my own quilt based off of the Christmas Quilt I made a few months ago.

I made a lot of adjustments to the Christmas quilt and I made a diagram to make sure what I was seeing in my head looked right on paper. I ended up loving it so much I continued designing the pattern so I could share it with all of you! A link to the downloadable PDF will be available at the bottom of this post! I really am so excited about it.

This is the first pattern that I have ever created. It has taken much more time than I ever thought it would, but I also think it is well worth it!

I decided to name the pattern Rocking Block Quilt because I do think the design will look beautiful with many different styles and colors of fabric. But, I am lovingly naming my quilt the Rocking Garden Quilt because, to me, it looks like there are little garden boxes rocking back and forth across the quilt creating a huge rocking garden.

I didn’t use all of the fabric in the half yard bundle, but I know I will use everything, at some point, for different projects.

I couldn’t find the half yard bundle on the Fat Quarter Shop anymore, but, there was a fat quarter bundle HERE. So, if you like the colors I used you can find them in yardage, which is available on the website as well.

An Idea Comes To Life

After selecting the fabrics I was going to use I started ironing and cutting! This is really the best part because I honestly have a book of ideas for quilts and I can’t possibly get to them all. So when you have the right fabric and time to bring one of the ideas to life it is so exciting!

I chose three different floral fabrics making sure to pick nice contrasting fabrics. I chose a light, medium, and dark design. I also chose two green designs for the borders!

To piece the floral squares together I used the same process as in the Fastest and Easiest Quilt Ever found HERE. After I finish the process I will have 30 four square blocks.

After getting all the borders sewed on I cut them all to size. I leaned all my light bordered blocks to the right and all my dark bordered blocks to the left.

After cutting all my blocks to size I started organizing them into rows.

Such happy colors!

Once I am happy with the organization of all the rows I will begin sewing each respective row together.

Next I will press all the seams and sew the rows together to complete the quilt top.

Finishing the quilt

To complete the quilt I will first assemble the quilt sandwich and baste the quilt. I typically am a pin girl when it comes to basting my quilts!  

Here is a look at how I decided to quilt my quilt! But, of course, you can choose any pattern you like to quilt yours!

This is such a fun and playful quilt! I am so excited about how it turned out!

What do you think?

If you would like to download this pattern it is available here:

9 responses to “Rocking Block Quilt”

  1. I will be going into my stash to pick fabric to start on this quilt.and, for the blocks to follow that you will be posting April 27th. Thank you very much. I do my sewing in the mornings for couple of hours and sometimes in the evening.


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