A Look at Quilt Subscription Kits

Once you make your first quilt, I can almost guarantee an addiction will set it. You will constantly have ideas for new quilts. You will want to make a quilt for everyone you know. It is so much fun seeing an idea you have come to life.

Plus, it is a craft that brings warmth to those you make them for. A quilt is a labor of love and the recipient will treasure it forever.

Here is a quilt that I recently finished. I absolutely love Christmas, and the whimsical feel of this quilt made it so much fun to work on.

To keep fabric on hand I have joined two different quilt subscription boxes.

In this blog post I am going to show the Annie’s Creative Quilters Fabric Club subscription kit.

So far I have received 4 kits from Annie’s and I have loved them all.

Here is the fabric and pattern I received in my first delivery.

Here is my second kit. I didn’t like the pattern in the kit, so I made pot holders with some of the fabric.

My third kit again came with a pattern that I wasn’t going to use. I decided to make a quilt as you go tote bag that I designed.

I haven’t started on kit 4 yet, but I will definitely be making the pot holder patterns in this kit!

I did notice that my first kit and this current kit had a similar feel to it… just with a different color scheme. I am OK with that since they are gorgeous!

1st kit versus 4th kit.

Click here if you would like to watch a video as I walk through all of these beautiful fabrics.

Overall I have been so happy with this quilt subscription kit. It has really helped me expand outside of my comfort zone with it comes to fabric colors, patterns, and combinations.

I also like that it gives me small projects to work on between bigger projects!

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite subscription box!

Bye for now.

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