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Getting subscription boxes is so much fun. I absolutely love getting things in the mail that are a surprise… and not a bill.

But, it is really hard to decide which boxes will be something you can use and has value… and which will be a dud.

I saw a million people unboxing that FabFitFun box and I had to jump in and give it a try (I know, its not a quilt box), and for me, that was a huge dud. Was it a great value, absolutely, but the problem was that I NEVER used anything that was sent to me. So, while the box had value… it just didn’t have value for me.

Currently I have a monthly subscription with two different companies for quilters. I already reviewed Annie’s Creative Quilters Fabric Club HERE.

So now, we will take a look at the PreCuts Quilt Shop. Take a look at their two subscription boxes HERE.

I get the classic box and my third box just arrived!

Let’s take a look.

This subscription kit costs about twice as much as my Annie’s subscription, but I have to say, they have always hit the mark. I use everything I get sent. I have NEVER been unhappy with my boxes. Granted, this is only the third box.

If you are new to quilting I do think this would be a fun way to build your quilting tool stash since this box always sends different things like that. This time I got a really fun pin dish. It is magnetic and will hopefully keep all my pins off the floor!

Here is everything I got in this box!

A jelly roll, a pattern, thread, pin dish, and a notebook!

The box always comes with an overview of everything you got… along with pricing so you can see the value.

This box was so amazing! I am really excited to work with this fabric!

Let’s also take a look at my two previous boxes. I don’t have photos of everything I got. But, you will at least get an idea!

My second box came with a layer cake that I am actually using to make a quilt tutorial for this blog!

It was the absolute cutest bee theme!

Again, I absolutely loved this box!

Side story… My grandfather was a bee keeper so it gave this box a little extra special meaning to me. When I finish this quilt I am sending it to my mother. She will love it!

The very first box I received was so much fun! I knew I made the right decision giving this box a try when I opened it! I was honestly worried about the cost of the box and the value just not being there. But, I have been pleasantly surprised each time!

My very first box with PreCutsQuiltShop came with a quilt as you go tote bag kit! It came with a Jelly roll and everything I needed to complete the bag! I know there was some other stuff in this shipment, but I don’t remember for sure what it was.

This bag and the fabric are both gorgeous! I am so obsessed with them! And look! I still have a ton of fabric left for other projects!

I really think the value is there with this box.

It may not be for you if you aren’t looking to add extra quilt goodies, besides fabric, to your quilt room/area storage. If that is already bursting at the seams then this box may not be for you!

For now, I am officially obsessed with this box!

I’ll show you what comes next month!

Bye for now.

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  1. I too belong to Annie’s Fabric Club and this year I joined Fat Quarter Shop — so far this year I haven’t been thrilled with Annie’s but love FQS! I’ll take a look at the one you mentioned in this post!

    1. I have loved all of my Annie’s shipments… however, I do not think their last few will appeal to a wide audience. And since it is such a small amount of fabric I kind of wish they would build on each other so you can combine and make a large quilt. I also think it costs a bit much for the small amount of fabric you get.
      I have been eyeing the Fat Quarter shops subscriptions! I may jump in!

      1. I agree I wish the shipments would build on each other! I joined Annie’s because they offer Timeless Treasures & Wilmington Prints — most other offer Moda products. I still STRUGGLE with color! I was a garment sewer for many years so I see prints before color, which is why I tend to only buy pre-cut bundles. Do you do most of your own quilting?

      2. I do my own quilting, but only because I typically just follow the seams to quilt. I did purchase a stitch regulator to finally start free motion quilting. I enjoy it so far, but definitely a learning curve.

      3. Same here…I haven’t purchased a regulator– I tested one at the quilt shop, I’m just not a fan of FMQ — it doesn’t relax me the way walking foot quilting does. I love reading your blog posts — you’ve made me want to start posting again 🙂

      4. I know exactly what you mean! I do feel that free motion quilting isn’t relaxing at all. It makes me anxious! I hope you do post more! I went and read through a few of yours!

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