12 Christmas Fabric Projects

December 1st – Christmas Stockings

These 12 Days of Christmas Fabric projects will be featured on my YouTube Channel Starting December 1st 2021. These blog posts may not contain all of the assembly instructions so check out the videos on YouTube for further instructions or reach out to me for assistance! YouTube Link

These stockings are so fun and easy to make. I made both of them in one day. Honestly, it probably only took me an hour or two. The hardest part was choosing the jelly roll strips!

I made one stocking using a June Tailor Quilt as you go kit, and for the other Christmas stocking I designed a template to use.

I will put a downloadable file for the template at the bottom of this post. It will be a free download.


This project is perfect because it really only requires minimal supplies. You likely have a few extra fabric strips from other projects that will work great in this project!

If you have the June Tailor kit you just need:
  1. June Tailor kit
  2. Jelly roll strips (I used 8 strips)
  3. 1/2 yard of fabric
  4. Basting spray or pins
  5. Basic sewing supplies

or… if you don’t want to purchase a kit you can download my template.

  1. Template download: Stocking download below
  2. Batting Scraps
  3. Jelly Roll (I used 8 strips)
  4. 1/2 yard of fabric
  5. Basting spray or pins
  6. Basic sewing supplies

Be sure to print the template at 100% to get the same size stocking that I am making!

I am sewing this fun project on my YouTube channel! Be sure to tune in to Create Beauty Daily with Fallon on December 1st!

Happy Holidays!

Bye for now.

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