Scrappy Quilt Top

So, I got an Accuquilt for Christmas… And, I honestly felt a little overwhelmed because there are about a million die cut options on their website and the one die that came with my cutter didn’t really seem efficient for making a quilt like I normally would with yardage.

The die that came with my system is called the Value Die.

The value die cuts 1- 4.5″ square, 1- 2.5″ square and 2 triangles that sewn together make 1- 2.5″ HST. The reason this die perplexed me is because I wouldn’t typically cut all of these shapes with the same fabric. So, how would this be faster if I needed to cut yardage roughly around each shape? I might as well just cut the yardage with my rotary cutter.

But, I wanted to try out how accurate this system cuts so I grabbed some scrap fabric and realized, wow, a lot of my scraps already fit nicely onto the different shapes on my die cut. So, I got to cutting. Then I quickly saw how efficiently this system cuts fabric. I cut my scraps so quickly, and organizing and cutting scraps is usually such a daunting and tedious task for me. I rarely do it. But this, this was quick and actually fun!

After making a few practice cuts and fell in love with how accurately this machine cuts half square triangles. Half square triangles are my absolute favorite quilt block to make. There are so many design options and layouts using HSTs. The Accuquilt cuts the “dog ears” off so it is an absolute breeze to line the triangles up and get perfect HSTs without any extra trimming!

Basically, I quickly became obsessed.

But, I really wanted to practice with what I had before I purchased a bunch more dies. I wanted to know what to look for when purchasing dies and only invest money in dies that I knew would fit my quilting style.

So, I decided to make a quilt using just my scraps. After gathering up some of my fabric and practicing I quickly learned how to work efficiently using the Accuquilt. I also learned how to use the fabric cutter without creating a ton of fabric waste.

It was really fun experimenting with the Accuquilt go! using my scrap fabric. I actually really like how my quick scrappy quilt top turned out! I am excited to try out some of the other die cutters I purchased!

I walked through a few of the things I learned about the Accuquilt Go! here below.

Bye for now.

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