Classic vs Modern

Which one is better?

I love getting subscription boxes. It is pretty much like getting a monthly present, and its always a fun surprise. By far, my favorite box, is the Classic quilt box from the Precuts Quilt Shop. I always get great quality quilt items and the box is always a fantastic value.

I did start to wonder though… what am I missing out with since I haven’t tried the Modern Stash Builder from the Precuts Quilt Shop. So, I ordered one!

Both of my boxes arrived at the same time. Neither were marked, so I just grabbed one and opened it.

We are going to start with what came in the Classic box for December 2020.

I am so excited that I received more Folklore fabric by Lella Boutique! I absolutely adore this fabric line!

Like always, I received a few extra goodies. I got a face mask template, a frixion pen, which I am excited to try out, I have heard good things, some fabric spray, and a pattern!

As always the box was a great value. I paid $55 for the box and the value is $85.29!

So, now let’s take a look at the Modern Stash Builder.

Here you can see a peak of the fabric that comes in this particular box!

Wow! 16 fat quarters! I was blown away!

Honestly, Tula Pink is not my favorite fabric designer. A lot of the prints can get a bit crazy for my taste. However, I am trying to get outside of my comfort zone, so this should be a good challenge for me.

I have to say though. I did like a lot of these prints… and I just adore the graph paper fabric with the sketches on it.

In my excitement I forgot to take photos of individual notions, But, I did receive some binding needles, a tape measure, a pattern, and a fun glittery project bag in this box.

This box was also a great value. I paid $55 for this box and the value is $88.15.

I think, to answer, which box is better? You really have to think about what type of fabric you prefer. It is clear that the Modern box has much more vibrant colors and patterns. If you don’t prefer that type of fabric, then the Classic box is for you.

For me, I can’t decide yet. I think I am going to get another month of both boxes to decide!

You can shop for either box HERE.

Bye for now.

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