Spinning Flower Bed – Block Five

Wow! We are already here on the fifth block and these final few blocks come together quickly since they are border pieces. They come together so fast I actually thought about posting them all together, however, I figured spacing them out would give everyone a chance to catch up if needed.

As a side note, I am really pushing to have the last few steps to finishing this quilt finished in time to post every Monday. There has been a whirlwind of things happening, aside from Covid, which is a stress inducer all its own. We were prepping for Hurricane Laura, which ended up turning farther East so it was a non issue for us. We also started back to our home school lessons, which can always take some adjusting.

If you have kiddos starting back to school I really hope everything goes well. It looks like school districts all over had different options available so hopefully yours had one that worked for you and your family.


I don’t think I will be giving a whole lot of writing and explanation on these border posts. The piecing is really straight forward and easy per the graphics.



As always, make four block fives.

Next week we will work on more of the border strips!

Bye for now.

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