Spinning Flower Bed – Block Four

This week we will be making Block Four for the Spinning Flower Bed quilt. This block will be the four flower corners of the quilt. Again, make four block fours.


Here are my materials for Block Four.


This block has the most prep work. You will need to cut a lot of tiny squares and dog ear a lot of squares. I think the work is all worth it though! I think it is a really cute block.

Dog Ear

To dog ear your squares take a 3.5″ square, this example is using 3.5″ background fabric and 1.5″ flower fabric.

I like to first draw a line corner to corner on my 1.5″ fabric. Put right sides together while positioning the 1.5″ fabric evenly in a corner of your 3.5″ square. Sew along the marked line as shown below.

Trim off the corner leaving a .25″ seam.

Press open.

Lay out your block

Sew everything together following the layout!

Press the seams.

Make four block fours!


Next week we will start creating the border for the quilt.

Bye for now.

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