The Best Quilt Box

The Precutsquiltshop did it again! Their box is amazing and I was completely blown away when I opened up this months box!

Lets just dive right in because honestly I just can’t wait to show you everything!

The boxes are just so cute!

The brochure inside always gives you all the details about what you received in the box. It lists the boxes value too. You also get some great coupon codes!

A box in a box! The surprise continues!

It is from Moda so you just know it will be good!

So, let’s see what this box is all about!

I think I remember seeing a Moda through the years collection! I cant wait to see what is in the box!

A pattern for this cute spool quilt and some fabric!

The pattern is just darling and will make a cute wall hanging for my sewing area. I am excited to get started on it!

There is a charm pack and some yardage to complete the quilt top. The fabric is all so beautiful!

One of the reasons I love this monthly quilt subscription box is the attention to detail when selecting all of the items in the box. Everything usually goes together really well and is something that will help you complete the project that came in the box.

Here is exactly what I mean! The fusible web that came in this box was chosen to complete the pin cushion detail for the quilt top. Also the embroidery needles and embroidery floss will come in handy for the details around the pincushion. The one yard of fabric from the Through the Years collection can be used for the backing of the quilt.

To be honest, I would be happy with only what I have already shown you because the value of the box was already achieved, but two more things were in the box!

Cute rose gold folding scissors and some Aurifil Thread also came in the box.

Here are the scissors folded open. I may keep the scissors in my purse. I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had scissors on my when I was out running errands. Lose threads on shirts that are annoying me or my kids, or a scratchy tag!

I honestly don’t know how they will top this box! WOW! I am so happy with everything I received! I am already wondering what my August box will have in it! I can’t wait.

If you are interested in subscribing to this quilt box click HERE.

I have reviewed this box and others so you can click through my previous post to see what else has come in this box compared to others.

The precutsquiltshop subscription is $55 a month plus shipping.

This box was valued at $83.20 so I think it is a great value.

Bye for now.

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