Online Fabric Shop Order

Missouri Star Quilt Company

I want to start this post by letting you know that I adore YouTube and all of the tutorial videos available there for quilting. I watch many and have watched Missouri Star on YouTube for awhile now.

However, I really enjoy purchasing fabric in person, so I have never ordered from Missouri Star before even though I knew about the shop.

Right now, with the craziness happening in the world, I turned to ordering online. If you have read my blog for awhile you know I have been ordering from the Fat Quarter Shop. I am not upset with them! That is not why I decided to switch it up! And, I want to say, I absolutely adore the Fat Quarter Shop and this is not a personal jab at them! I love their online shop and their subscription boxes, but their shipping is taking FOREVER right now. I am not being dramatic. It is very very backed up over there. They are awesome though and their website is very upfront about the delays! I love them. I will continue to shop there and I don’t fault them for the craziness happening right now.

But, because they are taking so long to ship I decided to try ordering from another online shop.

I looked through Missouri Star’s YouTube videos to find a pattern I liked and bought fabric specifically for making that project! I have a few things to work on already so I wasn’t going to be upset if it took awhile for shipping… just in case!

My order came so FAST! I found it to be fast even without pandemic craziness happening. About a week!

I am also now obsessed with them because they have my quirky sense of humor!
Check out there shipping updates!

Sometimes it’s the little things! Right!?

Oh… and there was also a little thank you note in my box!

Am I getting ahead of myself again!? Probably! I am just super excited!

Mini Double Nine-Patch

Ok, So here are the details!

I chose the Mini Double Nine-Patch quilt pattern. I purchased all the fabric requirements, the pattern, and some thread.

I decided to go with a dark background with purple accents.

I ordered black jelly roll sized fabric as well as this purple jelly roll batik fabric!

(not pictured individually is the black yardage or the black thread, but it is in the picture above with everything purchased)

I can’t wait to get started!

Here is my border fabric!

Here is my binding fabric.

And finally my backing fabric!

I am crazy excited about all of this! I really think it is going to be so fabulous, but I will admit I am a tad nervous about how dark this quilt will be. I have not made a quilt with this much black before!

Have you made a really dark quilt before?

Let me know how it turned out!

Bye for now.

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