My Family’s Favorite Cinnamon Rolls

In my house, we try to make Sundays our lazy day.  We all need a day to slow down and relax.  Lazy doesn’t mean we don’t do anything… It just means we don’t make plans.  We let the day flow how it flows.  I love Sundays.

There are a few things that I want to be up front about when it comes to this recipe.

  1. This recipe is perfection. It is my families favorite for good reason.
  2. This recipe takes some planning and patience.
  3. It’s worth it.

Because these cinnamon rolls are made from scratch they take some time. To allow the yeast to work its magic the dough needs time to sit and rise. From start to finish this recipe will take about 3 hours.

If you want a quick treat, this is not the recipe you are looking for. Go grab yourself some of those cinnamon roll treats in a can. I’m not going to begrudge you for that. I find them to be quite satisfactory every now and then. They are quick… and certainly have their place in the food world. They just don’t hold a candle to the homemade variety! But hey, we live in a busy world and don’t always have time to set aside a few hours to make cinnamon rolls!

If you really love Cinnamon Rolls that are topped with a traditional Icing or Frosting then this may not be the recipe for you. I am not a huge fan of frosting, so I prefer these so much more. They are made with a butter and brown sugar glaze that is absolutely mouth watering.

 I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!

Bye for now.

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