12 Christmas Fabric Projects

Day 11 - Paper Pieced Snowflake Block These 12 Days of Christmas Fabric projects will be featured on my YouTube Channel Starting December 1st 2021. These blog posts may not contain all of the assembly instructions so check out the videos on YouTube for further instructions or reach out to me for assistance! YouTube Link... Continue Reading →

Table Top Quilt Sandwich

I have to tell you, I have always struggled with assembling my quilt sandwiches. I used to lay all my layers out on the floor. First of all, this would kill my knees. But also, I could get my backing fabric laid out nice, then as soon as I added the batting to the mix... Continue Reading →

Building Blocks

So, I am going to tell this to you right up front since I don't want to lose your trust.  To make this block, you will actually need to make two blocks.  It is fun though! And it comes together quickly.Like Tuesdays block, you have a few options on how you put this block together.... Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Table Runner

Whenever I learn a new skill I like to build off of that skill. Sometimes you can tweak something just a little bit to create a new look. That is exactly what we are going to do here. We are going to take the base block we made in "The Fastest and Easiest Quilt Ever"... Continue Reading →

Part 2 – Layer Cake Quilt

Piecing Together the Top of Your Quilt Now that you have all of your blocks sewn together you will want to organize these blocks into rows so that you can see how they look. You will want to move them around, stand back, and take a look. Make adjustments as needed. This step may take... Continue Reading →

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