Quilter’s Slidelock

I am so excited to announce that after a long chain of events my husband and I are now the proud owners of the Quilter’s Slidelock!

What is the Quilter’s Slidelock?

The patented, non-slip Quilter’s Slidelock is a necessary tool for all quilters. The Quilter’s Slidelock solves one of the most annoying problems quilters encounter: fabric slipping while being cut. By simply putting the Quilter’s Slidelock on your fabric and pressing down on the middle of the handle, your slippage worries will be a thing of the past. The patented design springs into action (pun intended) when you press down on the handle. When the handle is depressed, springs engage, allowing special bumpers on the bottom of the handle to travel through precisely cut holes in the base, causing the bumpers to grip and hold your fabric in place. It works so well, you can even cut up to 10 layers of fabric at once without having to worry about slippage. Additionally, at 24″ long, it is wide enough to cut all your favorite fabrics in one pass.

Important Features

  1. The glowing edge allows you to easily see where you are cutting.
  2. The 1/4″ thick acrylic makes slipping over the edge and cutting yourself less likely!
  3. The wooden handle takes your hand up off of the acrylic so you are safely away from the sharp rotary blade.
  4. The wooden handle along with other important features distribute pressure evenly across the fabric so you don’t have to move your hand across the ruler when cutting long strips of fabric.
  5. The springs allow you to move the acrylic ruler freely when you are not applying pressure to the handle. Slide the ruler around to line up your cut then apply pressure allowing the springs to activate and lower the rubber bumpers.
  6. The rubber bumpers keep the fabric in place as you cut the fabric.

See the Slidelock Demonstrated

Purchase the Slidelock

You can shop for the Slidelock on my website: https://sew-be-it-quilts.myshopify.com/products/quilters-slidelock

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